"Бесценный инструмент для поддержания моего преимущества в крупнейших кеш-играх мира."
"Холдем Менеджер - это безоговорочно лучший покерный софт для ведения статистики."
"Holdem manager - это тот инструмент для анализа, которого так не хватало игрокам в покер." 
Karsten Nielsen
Рейкбек от NLclub




NLClub является официальным представителем Holdem Manager в регионе Восточной Европы. Мы предлагаем вам лучшую программу для ведения покерной статистики и полноценного анализа игры – Холдем Менеджер. У нас на сайте Вы можете ознакомиться с тонкостями программы в разделе FAQ, также получить полноценную рускоязычную поддержку на форуме. Ну и конечно скачать и купить Холдем Менеджер.
Использовать слабости противника - Улучшить свою игру - Максимизировать выигрыш
Являетесь ли Вы игроком микролимитов или хайроллером, Холдем Менеджер - это инструмент, который увеличивает винрейт, поскольку даёт игрокам преимущество, необходимое для движения вверх по лимитам.

Легко читаемая статистика и графики в сочетании с множеством инструментов, которые помогут игроку заткнуть дыры... Попробуйте.  Скачайте полнофункциональную 30-дневную триал-версию !

Холдем Менеджер новыми глазами


Вот и стала релизом 1.08. Теперь у нас есть Омаха Менеджер и публичная бета Тейбл Сканера (да продлится период тестирования её!).

Ниже приводится список, пережитых версией 1.08 изменений и багфиксов за март и апрель.

* (1.08 Beta 19-20 HUD) Added flag for drop shadow
* (1.08 Beta 19-20 HUD) Added fold to/raise CB flop/turn/river ip/oop stats
* (1.08 Beta 19-20 HUD) Fixed edu and everest sng detection
* (1.08 Beta 19-20 NEW) DB Changes made for upcoming Omaha support

* (1.08 Beta 21 BUG) Updated software to deal with change that Cereus made to tourney hand histories
* (1.08 Beta 21 BUG) Fixed bug with EV calcs in hhwindow in hud for Omaha
* (1.08 Beta 21 BUG) Fixed problem that caused "doh" to appear in hud if you add the CB ip/oop stats on the river

* (1.08 Beta 22 HUD) Table PFR stat added back in
* (1.08 Beta 22 BUG) Fixed issue that caused a "PokerGame not in Table" error when running reports
* (1.08 Beta 22 BUG) Fixed problem that would occur if you did not have the Stakes or Hole Card columns viewable in Options - Hand View Columns
* (1.08 Beta 22 BUG) Fixed William Fill date issue
* (1.08 Beta 22 BUG) Fixed Stars 8-Game hands for Omaha and Holdem and ignores other game types instead of showing them as errors
* (1.08 Beta 22 NEW) ipoker Super Turbo's now detected as such instead of just plain turbo's
* (1.08 Beta 22 BUG) All-in EV Update form did not display properly if you have large fonts
* (1.08 Beta 22 BUG) Notes that had no text (just an icon selected) that were exported and then imported would not import correctly
* (1.08 Beta 22 BUG) Fixed replayer issue where hands that did not get to Turn or River would not load in replayer
* (1.08 Beta 22 NEW) Added games combobox to player prefs to select omaha/o8/he/any games for config selection.
* (1.08 Beta 22 HUD) More efficient printing
* (1.08 Beta 22 BUG) Fixed old UB hand bug where an import error could occur if the player who wins a hand uncontested has "wins" in his playername
* (1.08 Beta 22 NEW) Added a column for the Game Type (Holdem / Omaha / Omaha O8) to the stakes and winnings reports
* (1.08 Beta 22 HUD) Fixed glitch with mucked cards.
* (1.08 Beta 22 HUD) Made table finder window bigger.

* (1.08 Beta 26 BUG) Fixed entraction Omaha bug where hero holecards would not be recorded unless he went to showdown
* (1.08 Beta 26 BUG) Fixed bug affecting recently added Flop Donk Bet stat (bug does not effect Turn or River donk bet)
* (1.08 Beta 26 BUG) Fixed bug where FTP Omaha tourney summaries would import as Holdem
* (1.08 Beta 26 HUD) Fixed hud bug with Omaha and Entraction where a few focus related things would happen making it difficult to play
* (1.08 Beta 26 BUG) Manually added tourneys would not appear in any tourney lists properly
* (1.08 Beta 26 NEW) Added the Poker Game (Holdem / Omaha / Omaha Hi-Lo) to the manual add tourney and the edit tourney dialogs
* (1.08 Beta 26 NEW) In the Players tab the current selected player would be omitted from the stats totals to ensure that it does not bias the #'s but if you had an alias selected then this would not work. Now all players under the alias are omitted
* (1.08 Beta 26 NEW) Added Omaha Hole Card Filter form where you can specify rules to include / exclude hands. The Rundown / Wraps section is not yet complete
* (1.08 Beta 26 BUG) Fixed bug with new Pacific client hands that would not import any hands folded through to the big blind
* (1.08 Beta 26 SCANNER) Scanproblems with Absolute / UB / Stars fixed
* (1.08 Beta 26 SCANNER) Waitlist is being recognized at Absolutepoker
* (1.08 Beta 26 SCANNER) Checking the autoscan will start the scan right away
* (1.08 Beta 26 SCANNER) AF fixed
* (1.08 Beta 26 SCANNER) open/join columns can be hidden
* (1.08 Beta 26 SCANNER) #loser column added
* (1.08 Beta 26 SCANNER) color profile only enabled when more hands available than set in the "settings"
* (1.08 Beta 26 SCANNER) doubleclick Table/player can be set to open/join the table (see the "settings"

* (1.08 Beta 28 BUG) Fixed support for Ongame exported hands from PTO
* (1.08 Beta 28 NEW) Made a change to Ongame parsing which should help reduce # of incomplete tourneys if you play SNG's.
* (1.08 Beta 28 NEW) PT3 exported Prima hands now import
* (1.08 Beta 28 BUG) Fixed EV issue with split pots
* (1.08 Beta 28 NEW) Under the Help menu you can clear a code in order to upgrade to a new code
* (1.08 Beta 28 SCANNER) Fixed Absolute/UB Scanner
* (1.08 Beta 28 SCANNER) Fixed a regular/buddy-detection at PokerStars
* (1.08 Beta 28 SCANNER) Added a "Friends"-list. Tables where people from your "friends-list" are sitting at will get a red colored name.
* (1.08 Beta 28 SCANNER) Added abilities to filter for friends
* (1.08 Beta 28 SCANNER) Added server-side-scanning for PokerStars. See "Settings" to enabled/disable that.
Fixed 2 bugs
    * Trial mode shows frmmainnew and then crashes
    * People with PostgreSQL 8.0 will have DB issues and nothing will import properly

* (1.08 Beta 29 BUG) Fixed bug that would make the title of the program frmMainNew if running a trial version
* (1.08 Beta 29 BUG) Fixed bug that would cause no hands to import if you were using Postgresql 8.0
* (1.08 Beta 29 BUG) Fixed bug that would cause crash if you tried to display a hand that was won by a player with a "~" in their name
* (1.08 Beta 29 BUG) Fixed FTP Omaha Hi/Lo bug that would cause issues if there were multiple high or low side pots
* (1.08 Beta 29 BUG) Fixed bug that would cause many betfair SNG's to miscalculate or skip tourney sizes and winning results
* (1.08 Beta 29 SCANNER) Fixed the stacksize colours.
* (1.08 Beta 29 SCANNER) Fixed multiple scan when not using treeview lobby at Party
* (1.08 Beta 29 SCANNER) Fixed "Exlude yourself from scan" (includes scoring)
* (1.08 Beta 29 SCANNER) Tables you join will get an orange color
* (1.08 Beta 29 SCANNER) Fixed the close button at buddies / regulars list

* (1.08 Beta 30 NEW) Added article #8
* (1.08 Beta 30 BUG) Fixed issue importing ABS HU tourneys - they would sometimes import as 6 max tourneys
* (1.08 Beta 30 BUG) Stars Badugi hands are now skipped
* (1.08 Beta 30 BUG) 3 bet by position stats for hud / players tab would include BTN vs CO 3bets towards OOP stats when it should be IP
* (1.08 Beta 30 HUD) Fixed problems with live hand tracking not updating the pot odds for Party.
* (1.08 Beta 30 HUD) Fixed popup appearing on different monitor to label.*
* (1.08 Beta 30 BUG) Fixed the replayer so the checkbox options for stats to date and stats on/off work immediately, not just on reboot.
* (1.08 Beta 30 BUG) Fixed the hand range tool so you can move the sliders using the % boxes at the right end.
* (1.08 Beta 30 SCANNER) Fixed bug that caused buddies to disappear
* (1.08 Beta 30 SCANNER) Fixed a bug that caused the scan to finish before the end
* (1.08 Beta 30 SCANNER) "Join Waitlist" (PartyPoker) will not join a table if you are sitting at the table.
* (1.08 Beta 30 SCANNER) Added EverestPoker (client-side)
* (1.08 Beta 30 SCANNER) Added Ongame (client-side)

* (1.08 Beta 31 HUD) Fixed 2p2 button on hand history window so it properly replaces names with SB, BB, Hero etc. PReviously long names weren't replaced in the stacks at the beginning of the hand.
* (1.08 Beta 31 BUG) Fixed problem that would cause Everest to crash if you set the Everest root folder as the import folder instead of the Everest history folder
* (1.08 Beta 31 BUG) Fixed a coupe of issues with article #8
* (1.08 Beta 31 NEW) Extended the table scanner trial an additional 2 weeks
* (1.08 Beta 31 NEW) Tourney hands from Pacific and Bodog where there was an ante and the hand grabber missed the ante will now attempt to be auto corrected with proper ante amounts based on differences between the amount paid out and the amount wagered

* (1.08 Beta 32 BUG) All-in EV for Omaha Hi/Lo now calculated properly in the manager (was working in the replayer already)
* (1.08 Beta 32 SCANNER) Fixed issues with Ongame in the scanner
* (1.08 Beta 32 SCANNER) Fixed issues with Everest in the scanner (1.08 Beta 22 HUD) Added button for bringing up table config options.
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Почему именно Холдем Менеджер?

Я - плюсовый игрок, почему мне стоит купить Холдем менеджер?
  • Увеличение винрейта никогда не было таким легким;
  • Он быстро окупится не зависимо от того, на каком лимите Вы играете;
  • Двухуровневая система покупки дает игрокам микролимитов большую скидку;
  • Лучшая поддержка;
  • Не требуется ежемесячной или ежегодной оплаты;
  • Бесплатное обновление до будущих версий.

Ключевые фишки

  • Мощный HUD с настраиваемыми всплывающими окнами.
  • Сотни параметров для вывода. 3-бет, 4-бет, Сквиз - в Холдем менеджере есть всё.
  • Множество графиков, показывающих матожидание ва-банка, рейкбек или плюс от шоудауна.
  • Неограниченый размер базы данных.
  • Показ сброшеных "в тёмную" рук.
  • Просматривайте сыграные сдачи со всей статистикой
  • Немедленный просмотр сыграной сдачи в удобном формате.
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